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We offer three different types of veg box so you can decide how much control you want over the produce you receive.

Choice: complete control. You select the contents of your box each week. 

Favourites: a selection of vegetables based around your likes and dislikes.

Original: we select the contents so you save money. We plan the boxes to be as local as possible.

We measure the size of our veg boxes in our units. Have a look at the 'How it works' section to find out more.

Picture of Choice Box Range

The Choice Box Range gives you complete control over what goes in your box. You can select exactly what you want each week. 

Decide which size of box you want to try and add it to your basket. Then go to your basket and click on 'Select your box items'. When you've made your selection, return to you basket and press 'Checkout your order'.

Picture of Favourites Box Range

The boxes in our Favourites Range give you a great selection of vegetables (and fruit if you wish) based around your likes and dislikes.

You can specify upto three things to be excluded from all your boxes, and you can tell us upto three things you would always like us to include if they are available. Plus each week you can tell us three things you'd like included or excluded from our list of what's available.

Once you've decided which size you'd like, add the box to your basket. Then go to your basket and click on 'Manage your preferences'. You can then set up your permanent preferences and see this week's list of produce.

Picture of The Original Box Range

The idea behind the Original Box is go back to the early days of organic veg boxes. We put together a great selection and you save money by allowing us to decide what to pack. We plan the boxes to include as much local produce as possible.