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Hot Numbers Coffee Club

Hot Numbers is widely regarded as Cambridge's best coffee shop. We've teamed up with them to form a coffee club. Members receive a 250g bag of coffee on the first full week of each month. We select a coffee from a different part of the world each month, so you can experience the amazing different tastes of coffees sourced from different specific locations.

The cost is £7.65 for each 250g bag, which is charged when your coffee is delivered.

To join, just add this product to your basket and we'll sign you up as a member of the club and deliver your first bag of coffee on the first full week of next month.

You can  join by adding one of the products below to your order - or get in touch by phone or email if you would like your coffee ground for a different use.

If you aren't due a veg box on the first full week of the month, we'll deliver your coffee with your next delivery.