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Priors White Flour now available!

We now have good supply of Priors White Flour which has been unavailable for sometime. 

Dynamic Organics

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Name: Tyler Cotton

Where: Burwash Manor, Barton

Crops you are likely to find in your box: Salads, cucumbers, tomatoes, chard

Tyler Cotton is Cambridge’s newest organic farmer. Having recently spent three and half years in New Zealand and Australia working on bio-dynamic farms and an organic grocery shop Tyler has now begun farming at Burwash Manor after being generously offered use of a patch of land by Mike Radford. He grows vegetables to supply fresh to the Larder and, of course, the COFCO box scheme. Because the land was already certified organic Tyler could immediately adopt the Australian Demeter method of bio-dynamics, as taught by Alex Podolinsky, which he learnt so much about during his experience in Australia. Fundamentally, this method is about building a living, structured soil and understanding and encouraging the production of humus in it. Some of the techniques Tyler will be employing include proper application of correctly stored and made preparations, good use of rotations and green manures and careful cultivation of the soil. For now he is growing a green manure of vetch and Hungarian rye grass (as can be seen in this picture) to build soil fertility, and constructing a polytunnel with some help from his Dad.

Best of all, Tyler is also working at COFCO to earn a little money while gets his farm established and also to gain further understanding of the organic food industry. How fantastic to have a genuine organic farmer as part of our team.