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Priors White Flour now available!

We now have good supply of Priors White Flour which has been unavailable for sometime. 

Holm Select

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Name: Clive Martin, Holm Select

Where: March, Cambridgshire

Crops you are likely to find in your box: Asparagus, globe artichokes, squash, rhubarb

Clive is the fourth generation of the Martin family to farm at Whitegates Farm in the Fenlands near March. It is a 1600 acre farm of which 350 acres were converted to organic in 2006. Under the Holm Select brand Clive has created a niche in the market for his produce by specialising in a small number of gourmet vegetables and producing them to a very high standard. Holm Select is, for example, the largest producer of organic asparagus and globe artichokes in the UK. HolmSelect is also a LEAF marque certified farm (standing for Linking Environment and Farming), meaning it recognised for being managed in an environmental responsible and sustainable manner.