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Priors White Flour now available!

We now have good supply of Priors White Flour which has been unavailable for sometime. 

Welham Lane Organic Orchard

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Name: Welham Lane Organic Orchard

Where: Risby, Suffolk

Crops you are likely to find in your box: Apples



Welham Lane Organic Orchard is the Cambridge Organic Food Company's own orchard. Cofco owner, Duncan Catchpole, grew up in Risby, just outside Bury St. Edmunds. This was traditionally a village with several orchards. Over time, many of these orchards have sadly dissappeared. Welham Lane Orchard, too, was destined to be grubbed up in the late 1980's but was saved from this fate by Roger Catchpole (Duncan's father) who converted the orchard to organic production. 

Varieties of apple grown at Aston Organic Orchard are Bramleys and Grenadiers (both cookers) and Spartan. The orchard was managed by Tony Fuller, pictured, for many years until Duncan took back the running of it in 2015.