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Changes to veg-box features to cope with coronavirus

We are planning some changes to the way some of our veg boxes work to help us cope with the enormous change in working conditions brought on by the coronavirus outbreak.

The aim of these changes is to limit some features of certain box types, so as to make them simpler to pack, as we are expecting to draft in temporary staff members to either replace long-standing staff members who are forced to self-isolate, and/or to cope with the enormous demand we are facing.

Favourites range

For the time being, we have disabled the option to make one-off changes to your veg box. When you go to ‘manage your preferences’, you won’t able to make a selection from the list of what’s available this week. We’ll do our best to honour your permanent preferences, but ask your forbearance if inexperienced colleagues make minor mistakes.

If you would like to continue with having the option to customise your box from week to week, then please change to a Choice box. Choice boxes allow you to select the full contents of your box, rather than make just three changes. If you want to replicate the balance of specifying some elements of your box, but also retain a surprise element to your box, then you can fill up the rest of the box with the newly introduced random veg and fruit products. These have been created, so that you can enjoy the same experience with a Choice box as you are used to with a Favourites box. Please do use up the points allowed for your box by adding the random items, so our packers know what they need to add to your requested items.

We will endeavour to send an email to all Favourites box members reiterating these changes and including an offer code. As you know, Favourites boxes are a little bit cheaper than the same size of Choice box. When you enter the offer code on your basket page, it will flag that you’ve made the change from Favourites to Choice, so we can apply a discount to your new Choice box. The discount will make it about 50p more than your existing Favourites box, thus keeping the price increase to a minimum. Applying the discount to your order will be a manual admin process, so it will require enough capacity in the office to do it. It may take us a while, but we’ll try to apply your discount as soon as we can.

Choice boxes

We will no longer display on our website the ‘Advanced Veg Box Options’, which list Choice boxes described by the number of points they contain (eg. Choice 14-unit box, Choice 44-unit box). The website will only display the core Choice range (i.e., Choice Small, Medium, Large, Giant Veg/Fruit and Veg boxes). Members who have ‘Advanced Veg Boxes’ as their regular order will retain them, but will no longer able to switch to another such box. They can (and are encouraged!) to switch to a core Choice box. We are preparing a slight shake-up of our range of boxes intended to coincide with the launch of the new website. This change is one we were going to announce at that point, but have brought it forward to try to reduce the complications of the boxes inexperienced staff have to pack.

From now on, the number of back-up permanent preferences allowed on Choice boxes will be reduced. Anyone who adds a Choice box to their order from now on will have a maximum of 7 permanent exclusions and 7 permanent inclusions for Choice Medium/Large/Giant Fruit and Vegetable boxes or 5 for Choice Veg-only boxes and Choice Small Fruit and Vegetable box. Existing Choice members will retain higher numbers of permanent preferences if they have them, unless and until they change to a different Choice order.

Future changes?

Things are changing at a rapid pace and the future is very uncertain. We may have to make further changes in the future, so please keep checking the News section to keep up to date.