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Priors White Flour now available!

We now have good supply of Priors White Flour which has been unavailable for sometime. 

Coronavirus update: an end to the 'Dig In' campaign

At the start of the coronavirus lockdown, we launched a campaign we called ‘Dig in for victory’. Although Covid-19 will remain the dominant feature of our lives for the foreseeable future, we think it’s time to bring our ‘Dig In’ phase to an end. 

The aim of our campaign was to expand our capacity - not only to cope with the unprecedented surge in demand from our existing members - but also to do our part in getting food deliveries to vulnerable people self-isolating in their homes. 

Our team of Community Angel volunteers did a wonderful job identifying and liaising with people in need in their local areas. We were soon able to expand our capacity to allow us to add those new members. 

To increase the number of veg boxes we deliver, we’ve gone from five delivery rounds on four days to seven rounds on five days. We now deliver on Saturdays for the first time. We’ve invested in new packing furniture and a new layout for our warehouse. 

We’ve also welcomed lots of new colleagues: not only new faces to pack and deliver those extra rounds, but also the lovely people who work our new early morning and afternoon shifts, who make all the preparations (and do a lot of disinfecting), so when the person who packs and deliver your box arrives, everything is set up for them to go. 

With all the hard work we’ve done to make it possible to get deliveries of fresh organic produce to more homes, we’ve been to offer memberships to the many people who joined a waiting list while we were unable to accept new sign-ups. And finally, we’ve now opened our website to new members. 

Although a number of special procedures remain in place to safeguard against transmission of the virus, we’ve achieved what we wanted to do in our ‘Dig in for victory’ campaign. Victory over Covid-19 remains a long way off, but our company is now in good shape to fulfil the ongoing high demand for deliveries of local, organic produce. 

During our ‘Dig In’ phase, we restructured our range of veg boxes and gave them new ‘Dig In’ names. We’re keeping that same line up of boxes, but giving them the names they will keep for the longer term. 

The ‘Dig In’ range goes back to ‘Original’, but compared to our previous Original boxes, is now available in all sizes, offering the best value if you don’t want to state any preferences. 

The ‘Dig In PLUS+’ range becomes ‘OriginalPLUS+’, offering the chance to customise the selection we make for you by telling us three things you dislike. 

Choice’ boxes have remained unchanged throughout the crisis, giving you the unique opportunity of a veg box you where you can select the contents each week. 



To counter the transmission of coronavirus, we won’t knock on your door when we make the delivery. Instead, we’ll put your delivery directly in your nominated ‘box leaving place’. We won’t push the invoice through your door as we would normally do, but leave it in with the food.

To counter the possible transmission of the Covid-19 virus by you returning boxes, we’ve made the reluctant decision to pack all our orders in plastic bags for the time being. These are recyclable, BUT PLEASE DON’T RETURN THEM. We can’t believe that we’re forced to switch to plastic but these are extraordinary times! When your order is packed, we line one of our boxes with the plastic bag, and pack the veg inside it. The box protects your produce as it’s transported in the van and allows us to stack orders without squashing them. At the point of delivery, your driver pulls the bag out of its box to take to your door.

Now that most deliveries are being made in bags, not boxes, we are actually accumulating cardboard boxes which our produce comes in. When we have more empty boxes than we have space to store in our warehouse, we are using them to make some deliveries. If your delivery is made in a box, we don’t want the box back: just re-use the box if you can, or recycle it.