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Priors White Flour now available!

We now have good supply of Priors White Flour which has been unavailable for sometime. 

How it works

Who are we?

We deliver organic veg boxes to the Cambridge area with produce sourced from local farms. Our members have a veg box delivered either weekly or fortnightly. Delivery is free and there's no commitment: you can cancel your membership at any time.

As well as Cambridge itself, we deliver to Ely, Huntingdon, St Neots, Royston, Saffron Walden, Haverhill, and the surrounding villages. To check if we deliver to you, enter your postcode in the postcode checker on the right-hand menu.


If you are a student and would like us to deliver your box to college porters' lodge, please check with the porters first that they are willing to accept delivery of fresh food. If your college is within the pedestrianised city centre, please check with us about whether we can get a delivery to you.


Choose your veg box

Once you've signed up the first thing to do is to decide which veg box you'd like to have.


We offer three different types so you can decide how much control you want over the produce you receive. 

Choice: complete control. You select the contents of your box each week.

Original: we make the selection: great value, most sustainable as we can decide what to put in and manage our stock levels.

OriginalPLUS+: 3 permanent exclusions allowed.

Sizes of boxes: what are our points?

Our veg box are available in different sizes and as either veg-only boxes, or boxes of fruit and veg.

We describe the size of each box in terms of our own 'points'. This means that we can make sure that each week your veg box has the same value of produce even though the contents vary. By counting fruit and veg in points we can make sure you get the equivalent value of produce with widely different cost prices, so we know how many apples equals how many potatoes or cherry tomatoes. For Choice boxes you select how many points of each item you want to fill your box.

One point does not equal one vegetable item: medium-sized vegetable portions are two points. Large veg portions (or single higher-priced items like cauliflowers or salad bags) are three points.

As cost prices vary throughout the year, our portion sizes will vary a little bit. Here are some typical examples of two-point items: 800g main-crop potatoes, 250g tomatoes, 500g parsnips, 300g leeks, 3 bananas, 3 apples. Examples of three-point items include cabbage, cauliflower, salad bag and bigger portions of veg that can be weighed.

With Choice boxes, you can select your own contents, so can decide on your own combination of one-, two- and three-point items to fill up your box. We pack Original and OriginalPLUS+ boxes using a fixed combination of two- and three-point items, so they always have a good balance. 


Add groceries to your veg box

We stock a broad range of organic groceries which you can add to your veg box with free delivery. You can add things on a regular or one-off basis using the 'Schedule' drop-down menu. As well as some organic groceries, we stock a range of non-organic groceries  produced by local partners who are part of our Cambridge Food Hub project. If a product is NOT organic, it will say so in the name. Everything else (and all our fruit and veg) IS organic.

Paying for your deliveries

You can pay using our very convenient GoCardless direct debit service. Click on 'How to pay' and follow the instructions. We'll request the correct amount each week after your delivery has been made. If you cancel a delivery there won't be a charge. 

Customising your veg box

Once you've added a veg box and any groceries in to your basket, it's time to customise.

For Choice boxes, go to your basket and click on 'Select your box items'.

For OriginalPLUS+ boxes, go to your basket and click on 'Manage your preferences'.

Choice members can also set up permanent preferences via 'Manage your preferences'. They act as a back-up: if we are out of stock of a requested item, we'll replace it with something of the same points-value. Your preferences help us to make sure the replacement is something you like. If a Choice box member forgets to select, we'll put together a selection for that week and be guided by the permanent preferences you've set up.


Checkout your order

When you've got the products you want and you've customised your veg box, don't forget to go back to your basket to click on the 'Checkout your order' button. That finalises your order and sends it to us.


Cancelling a delivery

It's easy to cancel a delivery for one week or several weeks. Just log in and use the 'Cancel a delivery' option.

If you need to cancel your membership all together, you can do that any time: just let us know by email or phone so we can sort that out and request any final balance.