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Most grocery items now sold out and removed from existing orders

Due to the unprecedented demand, we have now sold out of most grocery items. We are not able to order any more from our main wholesaler, as they too have been overwhelmed with orders.

Today, we have updated our website to take most grocery lines off the website.

We have removed affected products from any existing orders that contain them. We have not been able to contact those whose orders have been amended.

We have always been, and remain, primarily a vegetable (and fruit) box company. That will be our focus: to ensure a supply of fresh produce to all our members and to facilitate fresh deliveries to the most vulnerable in this time of crisis. We won't be restocking the majority of grocery lines during this period, even if ordering restrictions from our supplier eases.

The grocery items we will endeavour to continue stocking are products from those local businesses with whom we have a direct connection, businesses we have a duty to support at a time when other avenues to market have closed for them.