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Priors White Flour now available!

We now have good supply of Priors White Flour which has been unavailable for sometime. 

New delivery procedures to keep our staff safe

We want our team members to be safe - and feel safe - while they are delivering your veggies. We are making some changes to our delivery procedures in addition to those already outlined. We are not asking our colleagues to touch high-contact surfaces in the course of making their deliveries.

If you live in an apartment building where we have to press a buzzer or enter a code on a keypad to gain access, then we will leave your delivery outside the main door rather than use the buzzer or keypad. If you can think of a different, more secure place where the delivery could be left without pressing any buttons, then please update your delivery instructions using the 'Change details' function.

For members who have asked for their box to be left somewhere which involves opening back gates or doors, our delivery person may leave the delivery at the gate or door it is closed and they aren't happy about opening it.

Remember, when you are looking for your 'veg box', we are packing most orders in white plastic bags for the time being, so if you need to have a scout round to look for your delivery, that's what to look out for. Please recycle, but don't return the bag.

We have already made some other changes to our delivery procedure: we won't knock on your door or ring your doorbell, but instead will leave your delivery in your designated spot (where that is accessible without our team having to touch surfaces which might harbour traces of the virus). Your invoice will be left in the bag, rather than being pushed through your letterbox. We are no longer collecting any empty boxes you may have from previous deliveries or cash or cheques as payment.