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In response to the overwhelming demand created by the coronavirus outbreak, Cambridge Organic is going into an emergency mode, which we’re calling ‘Dig in for Victory’.


What does this mean if you don’t yet have an order with us?

Our signup page has been disabled, so new members can no longer join via the website. We want to devote any new capacity we can generate to help those who are in the greatest need of a home delivery of fresh fruit and veg. We have a fantastic team of 'Community Angels' who are identifying those with the greatest need in their own area.


Community Angels

We are keen to expand our capacity as soon as we can to allow us to get deliveries of fresh veg and fruit to those who are particularly vulnerable. However, we don’t have enough staff here to filter and process the flood of enquiries we would get from the many desperate people there are looking for food deliveries. We therefore have a team of volunteers called Community Angels covering different areas. It’s your local Community Angel you need to get in touch with if you’d like to join. 

You can find a list of Community Angels here.


Changes to our way of doing things

We are making some big changes to help us cope with the coronavirus outbreak.

New box ranges

We are streamlining our box offering. This is important as we are having to give only the briefest training to new members of staff who are coming in to both replace long-standing colleagues who are self-isolating and to expand our capacity. Each of the three ranges will be available in Small, Medium, Large and Giant, and as Vegetable-only boxes or Fruit and Vegetable boxes.


DIG IN: no preferences allowed – best value – most sustainable as they let us make the selection and eliminate waste. The Dig In Medium Vegetable Box replaces The Original Vegetable Box. The Dig In Medium Fruit and Vegetable Box replaces the popular combination of The Original Vegetable Box and and Original Fruit Upgrade.

DIG IN PLUS: 3 permanent exclusions allowed. The range replaces Favourites boxes (with ‘likes’ no longer supported). The Dig in PLUS Medium Vegetable Box replaces the Original Vegetable Box Plus Exclusions. The Dig In PLUS Medium Fruit and Vegetable Box replaces the popular combination of Original Vegetable Box Plus Exclusions and Original Fruit Upgrade.

CHOICE: select your box contents week by week. Choice boxes continue as usual for as long as we can support the range of produce to give you a good selection.

The ‘Advanced Veg Box Options’ group – Choice boxes identified with numbers of unit rather than size – will no longer be available to add to orders on the website. If you already have one in your regular order, you will still be able to select it. In the longer term, we hope to only offer the Small, Medium, Large and Giant Choice boxes.


Orders will be updated to the new range over the weekend of 27-30 March.


Fewer groceries to add to your veg box

We have sold out of most of our grocery lines and our main wholesaler isn’t able to fulfil any more orders. We have therefore removed most groceries from the website and from our members’ ongoing orders. We have always been, and remain, primarily a vegetable (and fruit) box company. That will be our focus: to ensure a supply of fresh produce to all our members and to facilitate fresh deliveries to the most vulnerable in this time of crisis. We won't be restocking the majority of grocery lines during this period, even if ordering restrictions from our supplier eases.

The grocery items we will endeavour to continue stocking are products from those local businesses who are part of the Food Hub. These are businesses we have a duty to support at a time when other avenues to market have closed for them.


New delivery procedures

To counter the transmission of coronavirus, we have stopped knocking on members’ doors. Instead, we put the box directly in the your nominated ‘box leaving place’. We won’t push the invoice through your door either.


As of next week, we will pack your order into a recyclable (BUT NON-RETURNABLE) plastic bag (we can’t believe that we’re forced to switch to plastic but these are extraordinary times!). We are no longer collecting any empty boxes you still have.


Payment is now only by GoCardless direct debit. Please do not give cash or cheque to your delivery driver. To set up your direct debit, log in and click on ‘How to pay’ on the right-hand menu.


What if I'm an ex-member? Can I order?

We are not accepting orders from ex-members with dormant accounts. Although you will be able to sign in and use the ordering functions, we won’t be able to fulfil your order. Any ex-member who is in a particularly vulnerable situation should find their local Community Angel to facilitate their return to our service. Any member who has recently paused their deliveries without any intention of actually leaving us permamently may resume their orders: you won't lose your membership just because you were taking a break for work or planned holiday.

How to contact us

 During this crisis period, we are not able to give you the high level of customer service we usually pride ourselves on. We will not be answering the telephone. You may leave a message but it may take up to three days to reply to you. The best method of contact is by email to

 In normal times, we hope to get your order exactly right, and we aim to correct any mistakes if we do get it wrong. With inexperienced staff being drafted in, we expect to make some mistakes, even with a more straightforward offering of products. Please let us know if there is a big problem with your order, but forgive us if a minor slip has occurred.