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picture of Mini boxes you can add to your main veg box

Our new range of mini boxes each have a theme so you can supplement the broader range of vegetables you get in your Original or Favourites box with vegetables of a particular type. So if you want more salady things, or you like Mediterranean veg, there's a mini box to suit you. And if you want to roast a bumper selection of seasonal veg - or if you want a selection to get you juicing - there's a mini box to suit your needs.

These mini boxes are only available as add-ons to one of our core range of veg boxes. You can add them every week, fortnightly or just as and when you want one.

picture of Cobs Bakery Bread

Cobs Bakery have been baking delicious additive-free bread in Cambridge for over fifteen years. When founder and head baker, Alan Ackroyd had to retire due to ill health in July 2018, the business was saved by another great Cambridge baking institution, Fitzbiliies.

Cobs now have a new head baker, Paul White, who brings with him many years of experience at the award-winning Hambleton Bakery in Rutland. He's developed and improved the sourdough recipes.


In October 2018, Fitzbillies revised the line-up of breads they bake. Cobs organic certification lapsed with Alan's retirement, but all the bread that we stock is baked with organic flour, sourced locally from either Marriages in Essex or Foster's Mill in Swaffham Prior. There are two loaves (the Olive and the Sun-dried tomato) that contain non-organic additions to the organic flour. 

picture of Haresfield Farm Eggs

Haresield Farm is in Wiltshire and is run by Andrew Jackson. The welfare of the chickens is Andrews primary concern. Haresfield farm chickens are free range and can exercise their natural behaviour outdoors and enjoy a healthy diet that is free from chemical, GM ingredients and hormones.

picture of Hodmedods pea & beans

The really special thing about Hodmedos peas and beans is that they are all grown in Britain, and quite often in the Eat Anglian region. These are all foods which were once a mainstay of the British diet, but have been marginalised by the commercial food industry. What they represent is a far more sustainable way of getting our protein: getting your potein from imported pulses, processed foods or meat is much less efficient. Hodmedods-a massive step towards a more sustainable diet.

picture of BeeBee Food Wraps

BeeBee Wraps are reusable beeswax and cotton food wraps used in place of plastic. They are made in Cambridge from organic cotton by Cambridge Organic veg-box member, Kath Austin.

The blend of beeswax and plant oils, that Kath uses, creates a 'grippy' finish perfect for shaping round food and bowls. Use warm hands to shape around containers and food to create a breathable seal, that keeps food fresh. Clean your BeeBee Wrap in cold water using a sponge or dishcloth and, if needed, a mild soap. Hang up or drain to dry naturally.

Love your BeeBee Wrap and it will last up to twelve months. When you’re finished with your BeeBee Wraps either throw on the compost heap or use as a firelighter for your campfires, BBQs or bonfires. Zero Waste!

picture of Local Preserves

We have preserves made by two great local makers:

Prospects Trust are one of our long-standing suppliers of organic produce. They are a charity farm, providing education and training to adults with learning disabilities. They've set up a great new commercial kitchen, where the co-workers can make jams from the fruit they grow on the farm.

Fen End Kitchen Country Kitchen is the brand under which long-standing veg box member, Heather Sturman, makes a great range of jams and chutneys in her home in Over. She produces small batches the old-fashioned way. Much of the fruit she uses for the jams come from gluts, which neighbours present her with.

None of these products are organic.

picture of Flour

The Priors Flour is milled at Fosters windmill in Swaffham Prior. Most of the grain comes from local farms and in particular the wholemeal and white flours are milled from wheat grown at Home Farm on the Wimpole Estate. Mills run by wind power are, of course, very good from a sustainability perspective.

Marriage's mill is located in Chelmsford, Essex. It is a family run business that has been established for nearly 200 years. Marriages were pioneers of the organic flour industry and were even instrumental in the establishment of one of the organic certifying bodies, The Orgnanic Food Federation.

picture of ChariTea and Lemonaid

Organic and fair-trade soft drinks made from natural ingredients. The company has its own charitable foundation  which supports projects in the areas where the fair-trade ingredients are produced. Their motto is: Drinking helps.

picture of Bio-Bean Coffee Logs

Recycled fuel logs made from the spent coffee we collect from local cafes.

picture of Vegetables

Organic vegetables to order on top of what you receive in your vegetable box. If you are a Choice or Favourites box customers and want to select which vegetables you get within your box, go to your basket, and click the link to select your contents there.

picture of Fruit

Organic fruit to order on top of what you receive in your vegetable box. If you are a Choice or Favourites box customers and want to select which fruit you get within your box, go to your basket, and click the link to select your contents there.

picture of Choice Box Range

The Choice Box Range gives you complete control over what goes in your box. You can select exactly what you want each week. 

Decide which size of box you want to try and add it to your basket. Then go to your basket and click on 'Select your box items'. When you've made your selection, return to you basket and press 'Checkout your order'.

picture of Favourites Box Range

The boxes in our Favourites Range give you a great selection of vegetables (and fruit if you wish) based around your likes and dislikes.

You can specify upto three things to be excluded from all your boxes, and you can tell us upto three things you would always like us to include if they are available. Plus each week you can tell us three things you'd like included or excluded from our list of what's available.

Once you've decided which size you'd like, add the box to your basket. Then go to your basket and click on 'Manage your preferences'. You can then set up your permanent preferences and see this week's list of produce.

picture of Advanced Veg Box Options

Because the Choice range gives you complete control over your box, you can choose a box of any (even) number of units. So if the Small, Medium and Large boxes don't quite fit, select your ideal-sized box. You can fill any box with both vegetables and fruit.

We advise that you start with a Small, Medium or Large box, but if you find that it's not quite enough, or a little too much, you can then move to one of these advanced options.

picture of Baking

Everything you need for an organic showstopper!

picture of Chocolate

Montezuma's Organic Chocolates made in West Sussex

picture of Gift Vouchers

We're very happy to create a gift voucher exactly how you want it. We can either make a voucher to a particular value, or for a number of deliveries of a particular type of box. Please get in touch! However, if you are already a COFCO member, and want a nice easy gift, have a look at our new Original £10 gift voucher below.

picture of Greenscents Organic Cleaning Products

Based in Dulverton, Somerset this family business is committed to producting sustainable and ethical household cleaning and laundry products. Produced in small batches using pure Exmoor water, they are naturally effective with a powerful cleaning punch. They are flavoured with wonderful natural aromas from organic fair-trade essential oils. Fully biodegradeable, they are safe for people, animals and our water ecosystems.

picture of Household Cleaning

Eco-friendly products for cleaning your home

picture of Jam and Preserves

The Thursday Cottage brand is well respected in the organic community as its founder, Pam Corbin, is widely acknowledged as one of the UK's leading authorities on jam making. You may know her better as 'Pam the Jam' and from her appearances alongside Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall on his TV shows. She is also the author of the River Cottage jam book. More recently, the Tursday Cottage brand has been bought by Wilkinsons of Tiptree, Essex, so its now manufactured a bit more locally to us. As you'd

picture of Non-dairy milks

Provamel soya milk is an excellent alternative to dairy milk. Made with certified organic soya beans so it is guaranteed to be GM free, it is also a great source of protein.

picture of Oil

The range of organic oils from Clearspring are both cold-pressed and unrefined, meaning they retain their key nutrients such as vitamin E, omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 essential fatty acids. Great for cooking with or using as a base for dressings.

picture of Pasta and noodles

A packet of dried pasta really is a cupboard essential. A tasty meal can be knocked up in a manner of minutes. Biona's pastas are of an exceptionally good quality. Manufactured from 100% organic durum wheat semolina and mountain water by a family owned manufacturer in Italy.

picture of Savoursmith Crisps

Savoursmith Crisps are made from potatoes that have been grown at Russell Smith Farms in Duxford. They are healthier than your average crisps. The rapeseed oil they are cooked in has lower saturated fat than other oils and is also rish in Omega 3, 6, 9 and Vitamin E. The flavourings are all natural and no MSG has been put in. The crisps are gluten free and two of the flavours are vegan.

picture of Shower, Bath and Soaps

Eco-friendly products for showering, bathing and washing

picture of Special Offers

From time to time we spot manufacturer's offers on products that we do not normally keep in stock, but order a few cases anyway so our customers can benefit form the offers. When stocks of these items run out they will no longer be available, so grab a bargain while you can.

picture of Sweeteners

Equal Exchange is a company we have an awful lot of time for. The ethics that underpin the company are totally sound and they are market leaders when it comes to Fairtrade organic products. Their sugar is of a very high standard and you can use it knowing that the producers who grew cane received a fair price for their raw materials.

picture of Tea

Equal Exchange is a company we have an awful lot of time for. The ethics that underpin the company are totally sound and they are market leaders when it comes to Fairtrade organic products. Their teas are of a very high standard and you can drink them knowing that the producers who grew the tea received a fair price for their raw materials.

picture of The Original Box Range

The idea behind the Original Box is go back to the early days of organic veg boxes. We put together a great selection and you save money by allowing us to decide what to pack. We plan the boxes to include as much local produce as possible.

picture of Tinned beans

Beans of all types are fantastically healthy foods, being fat free and a great source of protein. They are versatile too, finding uses in soups, curries, chilli, casseroles and many other dishes. They can be a great substitute for meat in many dishes, either to replace altogether or to bulk out a small quantity of meat and make the dish a bit healthier. Biona's beans are tinned in water, with no added salt, so they can conveniently be used straight from the tin.

picture of Tomato Products

A tin of tomatoes is the base for so many different dishes its no wonder Biona chopped tinned tomatoes is one of our all time best selling products. The tomatoes for all of Biona's tomato products are grown organically in Tuscany where they are selected for their sun-ripened sweetness. The ingredients list of each of these products reads as organic tomatoes and nothing but.

picture of VInegar

The name Aspalls is associated with the very finest quality and an unprecedented heritage that goes back to the eighteenth century and 8 generations of the Chevalier family in the village of Aspall in Suffolk. Aspalls have won a plethora of awards for excellence across their product range.

Aspalls commitment to quality has earned them the reputation as the UK's foremost speciality vinegar producer. Their flagship product, Aspalls Cyder vinegar, is made from apples grown on the Aspall estate and can regularly be spotted in the kitchens of the swankiest celebrity chefs.

picture of Whitehorn Farm Apple Juice

Apple juice from the heart of Herefordshire cider country, Carey Organic grew out of a desire to grow fruit and vegetables nature’s way.

Owned and run by the Soble family the farm was established in 2004 on 45 acres of gently sloping land by the River Wye.

picture of Wholesale

The Cambridge Organic Food Company also provides a wholesale service to farm shops, delis, cafes and restaurants in and around Cambridge. Please contact us if you would like more details.